PUBG Mobile Drone Update to Spy on Enemies Similar to COD

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile is soon getting a new update with drones. Tencent Games constantly updates the game in order to maintain the hype among the gamers. While the idea is from Call of Duty Mobile, drones will help the players to spy on their enemies to have that extra information to kill them without getting spotted and grab as much loot as possible.

This might be a good addition, but we have a few questions and doubts. We are not sure if these drones will be mounted with weapons, or will players only have the option to use them as a spying tool. Also, what kind of range will these drones have, especially when it comes to bigger maps like Miramar.

PUBG Mobile Drone Update
PUBG Mobile Drone Update

It is also noteworthy, apart from PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games is also the publisher for Call of Duty Mobile. and it seems that a lot of resource/feature sharing has been happening. For instance, we saw team deathmatch mode being added to PUBG Mobile which has been a popular game mode on COD. An inventory loadout is also making its way to PUBG Mobile specifically for team deathmatch mode, which again is something that is seen on COD Mobile. Similarly, there are other features that are quite common in both games.

Also, we will have to wait for the update to arrive to get more information like which maps will support drones, how will the players be able to get hold of one, what will be the range and more.

Moreover, there are reports that the game might soon receive Grappling Hooks and Deployable Shields with the upcoming updates.

What do you think? Will the addition of drones to PUBG Mobile bring a new dynamic to your gameplay? Or is it going to be just another useless feature? There are multiple videos on YouTube giving a preview of the new drones in the Chinese version of the game.


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