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Zong was rooted in Pakistan in 2008; a telephony network offers voice and SMS Packages for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Zong introduces daily, weekly, monthly and yearly SMS Packages to its users. Zong telephony network aims to provide its users with the whole digital world around. Zong is considered as the third-largest mobile services provider with about 25.6million subscribers, and second-largest GSM services provider in Pakistan. check out Zong SMS packages by your needs.


Zong Daily Sms Packages

PackagePriceDetailsActivation Code
Daily SMS + WhatsApp OfferRs. 4500 SMS Midnight of the same dayDial Dial *700*1#
Zong Zulu SMS OfferRs. 3500 SMS Midnight the same dayDial *704#
Hello offerRs. 12150 SMS Midnight the Same dayDial *2200*1#
FlutterRs. 121200 SMS Midnight the Same dayDial *369#
Full GupRs. 5100 SMS Midnight the Same dayDial *118*1#
Sixer PlusRs. 8500 SMS Midnight the Same Day (Not valid from 6 PM to 6 AM)Dial *666#
Perfect PackageRs. 12500 SMS Valid from 7 PM to 10 PM next dayDial *118*2#

Zong Weekly Sms Packages

PackagePriceDetailsActivation Code
Zong Weekly OfferRs. 171500 SMS, 200 MBs for WhatsAppDial *702#
Zong Shandaar Haftawaar OfferRs. 75 1000 SMS, 1000 On-net minutes, 50 Off-net minutes, 350 MB internet dataDial *7#
Zong Haftawar Load OfferRs. 1801500 SMS, 1500 On-net Minutes, 75 Off-net Minutes, 1500MB internet dataDial *70#
Zong All-In-1 BundleRs. 150700 SMS, 700 On-net minutes, 40 Off-net minutes, 700MB internet dataDial *6464*4*1#
Hello 7 Day offerRs. 45Daily 100 Zong minutes, 1MB dataDial *2200*1#

Zong Monthly Sms Packages

PackagePriceDetailsActivation Code
Monthly SMS + WhatsApp BundleRs. 50500 SMS daily 30MBs daily for WhatsAppDial
handaar Monthly OfferRs. 3001000 SMS 1000 On-net Minutes, 100 Off-net minutes, 1000MB internet dataDial
Zong All in 1 Monthly BucketRs. 5002000 SMS 2000 On-net minutes, 150 Off-net minutes, 2GB internet dataDial
Zong All in 1 Monthly 599Rs. 599500 SMS daily Unlimited On-net Minutes, 2GB internet dataDial
Zong All in 1 Monthly 799Rs. 799500 SMS daily Unlimited On-net minutes, 4GB internet data
Hello Monthly BundleRs. 170500 SMS daily 100 On-net minutes, 5GB internet data
Zong Supreme Plus PackageRs. 129910,000 SMS 10,000 On-net minutes, 1MB data
Zong 3-Months Power Pack 1500Rs. 15003000 SMSDial *1313#

Terms & Conditions

  • The offer that expires at the midnight automatically renews if you have sufficient balance in your account.
  • The price for every package is excluding tax.
  • The offer will automatically expire if you do not have sufficient balance in the account.

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